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The replacement of Portlaoise Swimming Pool created an opportunity to provide a new, high quality and sustainable leisure facility as part of a community sport/recreation hub in the Town, which better meets the needs of the existing and future local population and promotes sport as a medium for improving participation, as well as the health of the local community.


Delivered Services

Civil Engineering, Project Management, Structural Engineering, Other Services

Project Description

A Malone O’Regan led multi-disciplinary team appointed for the detailed design, procurement and construction of the new leisure facility. Amenities at the award winning facility include:

  • 25m deck level pool,
  • Deck level learner pool,
  • Café,
  • Changing village,
  • Group changing rooms,
  • Fully equipped gymnasium including cardiovascular and resistance equipment,
  • Multi-purpose classes studio / meeting room.

A key feature of the swimming pool design is the inclusion of a floating floor which can change its depth which is particularly useful for lessons. The large pool hall space is spanned with a glulam structure to overcome the challenge for the main structure to have a guaranteed life of 60 years with minimal maintenance. Not only were the structural elements in a corrosive chlorine atmosphere but also located in an area with difficult access for maintenance. External Facilities Include:

  • Outdoor running track,
  • Full size soccer pitch,
  • 7-a-side soccer pitches,
  • Outdoor children’s playground and skatepark,
  • Picnic tables and seating,
  • Outdoor Gym.

The artificial grass surfacing system fully complies with the FA’s Performance Standard for Outdoor Artificial Grass Pitches for Community Use. The drainage system was designed and installed to ensure that all surface water is removed from the pitch at a rate greater than 100 mm/h and to ensure that no surface flooding will occur during heavy storms and / or the facility will not be lost either through rain at the highest intensity which may be expected to occur once every five years or through continuous rainfall of 50mm over a 24-hour period. The works included the provision of all luminaires, columns, mains distribution switchgear, sub-circuit protective devices, metering and control devices and the associated cabling, trenching, ducting and draw pit installation, backfilling and making good. The combined design of the shock pad and carpet backing ensures that slippage and creep of the artificial grass carpet does not occur. Maintenance issues were considered in the design e.g.

  • How often will the pitch be graded; daily or weekly?
  • What equipment will be required?
  • What additional rejuvenation materials will be required over time and at what cost?
  • How often will the rejuvenation take place?
  • Removal of organic matter is necessary on a daily basis.

Strict construction tolerances were enforced.

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