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The Edmund Rice Heritage Centre is an important national and international tourist attraction which tells the story of Edmund Ignatius Rice, founder of the Christian Brothers, the Ireland in which he lived and the growth of his congregations throughout the world.

Project Description

Central to the attraction is a spectacular chapel in which the remains of Edmund Rice rest. The chapel overlooks the city of Waterford and incorporates the stained-glass windows from the former Blessed Sacrament Chapel.
The chapel building is circular in plan with a free–standing square pitched slate roof. The museum building, linked to the chapel building, occupies the original Monastery building.

As well as being a visitor attraction and place of pilgrimage, it’s also serves as a multi-activity local community centre.

The development included the demolition of a 1960’s chapel and the creation of a new piazza opening onto Barrack Street.

The architectural design called for extensive use of natural timber structure and finishes.


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