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Kerrygold Park is a state-of-the-art butter production and packing facility capable of producing approximately 50,000 tonnes of butter per year. The facility is located on the Dairygold site at Mitchelstown, Co. Cork.


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Civil Engineering,  Structural Engineering, Enviromental Engineering Services


The production process takes place in a high-care foodsafe environment, encompassing the processing of raw cream into a variety of butter products and spreads, and the packing of same, in multiple formats.  One of the most important interconnected elements is the cream intake area, which facilitates the delivery of raw cream by both road tanker and pipeline from the adjoining Dairygold facility. Buttermilk, the liquid by-product of the butter making process, is also dispatched by tanker from this area. The cream intake area features a row of 15m high silos providing storage for both incoming and outgoing liquids.  The dry ingredients and packaging materials are stored in high bay warehousing on static racking. The finished, packed products are stored within a high-bay automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) chilled storage area. The dry goods and finished product are brought in and out of the facility through specialised dock pods on the southern end of the building.  


The new butter production facility has to work within the limits of Dairyrgold’s Industrial Emissions Discharge (IED) Licence. Cream and butter are major sources of BOD in wastewater. The wastewater can contain pathogens from contaminated material or production processes. Malone O’Regan prepared a performance specification and oversaw the installation of a plant to treat the effluent from the facility to include pH adjustment, de-emulsification, precipitation, coagulation, flocculation and sanitisation to precipitate solids and fats.  

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