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A new global headquarters development for a leading baked products producer, consisting of corporate office headquarters, a specialist bakery manufacturing and cold storage facility with research and development laboratory.


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Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Enviromental Engineering Services


This project consisted of the global headquarters for the ARYZTA group (Formerly IAWS), which included Corporate Headquarters and Offices (7,500m²), Production and distribution Facilities (17,135m²) and associated Cold Stores (13,935m²), Visitor Centre, Research Development Centre, Training Centre, Ancillary services and roads landscaping.  The facility has four highvolume production lines producing 30,000 baguettes/day baked to 70% of full bake.  The -25°C, fully automated cold storage facility is one of the largest of its kind in Europe.  The cold storage, production and distribution spaces, and office buildings of the facility feature HVAC temperature set points and lighting controllers for efficiency.   Between the Production and the Offices & Admin is a large state-of-the-art R&D/Laboratory which contains high-quality testing facilities for all in-house and customer food quality standards and for all statutory testing and allows for: 

  • Quality control for a very wide range of raw ingredients. 
  • Quality control for final manufactured products.  
  • Preparation and testing of potential new products. 


With an overall building footprint of 42,600m² on a 9.5ha site, the scale of the project was significant. With a facility of this scale it is necessary for the Fire Service to have access to large volumes of water in the event of a fire. An innovative solution was adopted whereby water may be drawn from the surface water attenuation / feature pond which was constructed adjacent to the office building.  As one would expect, a national distribution centre generates significant volumes of traffic on a daily basis. Malone O’Regan developed access and egress solutions that allow the Cuisine de France traffic to integrate safely with the general business park traffic. The impact of the development on the surrounding road network was assessed as part of the planning application process. First principles approaches were adopted to determine as accurately as possible the expected car and truck traffic from the facility. A Mobility Management Plan was prepared to support the transport impact assessment. 

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