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The grounds of Millrace encompass the ruin of Swiftbrook Mill. This former Clondalkin Paper Mills site was originally the residence of the family of Dean Jonathan Swift.


Development of 325 residential homes consisting of a mixture of townhouses and apartments with a childcare facility. The renovation of the Ragstore building and restoration of the Old Mill Wheel ensures that a little piece of the mill’s heritage is retained.


The key challenges for any new estate are to:

  • Discourage non-access vehicular traffic on residential roads;
  • Restrict vehicle speeds along residential roads;
  • Make it easy for strangers to find their way round;
  • Ensure that shared surfaces are designed to allow pedestrians, cyclists and car users to mix safely;
  • Ensure that parking spaces are provided close to the dwellings which they are intended to serve.

These challenges were addressed at Saggart by developing the road layout in accordance with the principles and criteria set out in the UK Department of Transport and The Regions Design Bulletin 32 (DETR 32). Benefits include:

  • Cleaner, safe environment for residents and non-vehicular road users.
  • Accessible development amenable to pedestrians.
  • People are able to use their cars whilst not being overly dependent on them.
  • The proposed development has been set out in such a way that it is very clear to the driver that he is entering a residential area.
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