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The Dunmore Wing at University Hospital Waterford comprises a purpose built five storey ward and treatment building which is designed to treat and accommodate people who require hospice care.


The five storey building is designed with link corridors to the existing hospital at several floor levels, and incorporates internal tiered courtyards to facilitate natural light entering at all levels. Services distributions were complex and provisions were made for additional future mechanical ventilation systems to address infection control issues arising from future adjacent construction sites. The external building envelope was specified as a mix of high quality brick and polished precast panels to meet the architectural requirements of the site. The structural design solution comprising insitu reinforced concrete framing, with steel framed clad structures over roof level incorporating plant areas, met all of the requirements, including the Client’s desire for a robust and efficient structure.  

The building is located on a prominent site at the front of the Hospital, bringing particular requirements to the design including a desire for high specifications in the elevations and consideration of future guarding adjoining areas earmarked for development.


The location of the building within a live hospital campus presented challenges in terms of infection control, construction access and management, and management of pedestrian and road traffic within the hospital grounds. The reconstruction works of roads, a roundabout and footpaths adjacent to the hospital entrance posed particular challenges in sequencing the works to allow buses, taxis, disabled drivers and pedestrians to access the hospital freely during the project.
The delivery, installation and support of the polished precast cladding panels, some of the panels weighing up to thirteen tones, required very detailed consideration, design and coordination between all of the stakeholders to achieve the successful and unhindered completion of the facades.

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