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Cillín Hill

Cillín Hill is a ground-breaking Agri-Business Centre providing a “one stop shop” for the modern-day farmer.

Cillin Hill 2 - The HUB
Cillín Hill

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Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering


When Kilkenny Co-Operative Livestock Mart made the decision to relocate from their difficult-to-access to access city centre location they had the foresight to not just replicate a traditional Mart development but instead identified what the Agri-Sector needs in the South East were, included for these and then added a lot more. The result, Cillín Hill, is an innovative Agri-Business development which has become the “one-stop shop” for farming and more for the South East Region. It combines impressive auction facilities, a multi-purpose venue, a conference centre, and a business and retail park on a 28 acre site on the outskirts of Kilkenny.  The Cillín Hill Centre contains State of Art Sales Rings, with holding pens for up to 2,000 head of cattle, including spacious safe viewing platforms for all sellers and buyers above the pens, The HUB a 1,600m² regional venue/arena, meeting rooms and conference facilities, a range of retail and office units and a Bar and Restaurant. The lands around the Cillin Hill Centre have been developed to accommodate Cillin Hill Business and Retail Park consisting of high-specification Commercial and Retail Units accommodating service providers linked to the Agri-Sector.

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