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Foynes Port Reclamation Works

Malone O Regan
Foynes Port Reclamation Works - Foundation Pile Installation

Works are well under way on the Foynes East Jetty Reclamation project with the first tubular pile dropped into position on 28th November. The works involve the installation of 148m of new piled combi-wall to allow reclamation of approximately 1.04 Hectares behind the existing East Jetty in Foynes Port. The combi-wall structure comprises 1.829m diameter tubular piles with sheet piles between each tubular pile. Malone O’Regan are delighted to be assisting Shannon Foynes Port Company through the provision of engineering design, site supervision and contract management services. The works will remove existing constraints to harbour operations and provide space for storage and cargo handling in the immediate vicinity of Berths 5 and 6. Tubular pile dropped into position